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Fountain Development Manager, The Coca-Cola Company:

As the keynote speaker, you surpassed our expectations. You inspired, enlightened, and challenged the audience with your stories on your life experiences. Your wisdom in regards to the "Keys to Quality Success" was inspirational. You captured the minds and hearts of the audience with stories regarding your family. Please accept my personal thanks for helping the Coco-Cola Company bring added value to our customers.  

Director of Resorts Food & Beverage, Walt Disney World Resorts:
I want to thank you for your gracious support and presence at our Food & Beverage Conference. Your remarks were an inspiration for all of us and will have a positive impact on making a difference in our lives. Many leaders have come up to me and said how much they have enjoyed your book and I want to thank you for staying to sign them.  

Director of Travel Related Services, Crown Marketing Group:
I want to thank you for awaking the senses and the desire of the entire staff and management team of Crown Marketing Group through thought, experiences and laughter. The messages you delivered transcended every level, culture and creed, and made all of us completely enthralled throughout. Nobody wanted the presentation to end. As you are aware, your presentation inspired our company's president to purchase 320 copies of your book, The Magic of Teamwork, which we presented as a gift to each of our employees.  

Sales Executive, ConocoPhillips:
I was fortunate to hear you at the conference in San Antonio.  You did an excellent job!  I think you were the man for the hour.  I can't think of anyone that could have spoken more directly to that group with such a meaningful message that applied to all who heard.  The message applied to all aspects of life, including work.  Thanks for your time and wisdom.  I had not heard you prior to this conference, but you now have one more huge fan.

President Elect, Greater Houston Restaurant Association:
On behalf of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for being our guest speaker at our general membership meeting held on at the King Fish Market. The evening is being talked about by many as one of the best meetings in recent memory. Your observations about quality were insightful. We all need to be reminded from time to time about why we do what we do and what it takes to do it well.  

President/CEO, Orlando Science Center:

I want to express my sincerest gratitude for your presentation at the Orlando Science Center's Board of Trustees Retreat. Your ability to clearly focus our board and motivate them to commit to achieving our goals was evident in the many productive and inspiring ideas that surfaced later that day. Your comments on "thinking tomorrow" and "investing in tomorrow" have been echoed many times since your presentation.
Director of Athletics, Wake Forest University:
After you spoke to us last week, there has been a “buzz” in our department about the content of your speech as well as your superlative delivery.  As I walk the halls of our department, you would be surprised how often the staff initiates a conversation about what you reviewed with us about leadership.  In fact, a number of staff members took excellent notes and have distributed those notes to many others in the department.  The points you made with us will undoubtedly provide the basis for our leadership discussions.  Thank you!

Director of Program Development, FL Assoc. of Homes and Services for the Aging:
Your enthusiasm was enlightening, and during your presentation you were able to catch and keep the attention of all of the participants.  We thought your presentation was incredible and thought-provoking.  Thank you providing the attendees with a very stimulating and useful session for both their personal and business lives.  The comments we have received from them on their evaluations forms have been very positive and many have indicated a strong desire to have you back as a future speaker.

Senior Vice President, National HealthCare Corporation:

We really enjoyed your participation in our recent management conference.  You were extremely well-received!  The evaluation scores for your presentation were among the highest we’ve ever had for an outside speaker.  Perhaps we can have you to another of our conferences!

Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications, HD Supply:

I want to thank you for speaking at our Top 150 Supplier Conference. You are an extraordinary person and one of the most engaging and inspirational speakers I’ve ever heard. Numerous attendees commented to me how much they enjoyed and were moved by your speech. It was the perfect message and will go a long way in helping us build the confidence and trust of our most valued suppliers.  It was a pleasure meeting you, and I thank you again for making our conference extra-special!

Director of Community Relations and Education, Calvary Baptist Church:

All I can say is WOW!  After almost three weeks, people at church and in the community are still talking about your trip to Tuscaloosa and the inspiring words that you shared at Calvary. Your remarks at the two services were especially meaningful to both congregations and I am convinced from the comments I have heard that you made an indelible impression on all in attendance.  You are a very gifted and talented individual, and one who has taken advantage of his God-given ability.  I want you to know that of all the people I have ever heard speak, you were the fifth-best, all-time.  Please don’t be disappointed in the ranking because you are only behind the following: 1)Billy Graham, 2) Ronald Reagan, 3) Bill Clinton, 4) Colin Powell, and 5) Pat Williams.  It isn’t a bad thing to be fifth on that list, is it?

Vice President of Development, Crosswinds Youth Services:

I have heard or given approximately 1,000 speeches as a US Congress Staff Manager, as an author who traveled the nation appearing on 100 major market talk shows and several national shows, and as a higher education administrator at Penn State University and one of the leading community colleges in America. I have heard many of the finest speakers in our nation, but, without a doubt, yours is the very best ever heard in my lifetime.



























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